Quan Yin Prayer For You Today:

“Quan yin’s prayer to you today:”

“Bless me with a healthy relationship with money”


Many of us have a complicated relationship with money. We may feel like we never have enough or like we are always struggling to make ends meet. This can lead to stress and anxiety.


Money can also be a source of contention in our relationships. We may feel like we are always fighting about money with our partner or spouse. This can lead to arguments and even resentment.


It is important to understand our own personal relationship with money and remember If we are not careful, our relationship with money can become problematic and lead to financial stress.


We always have the power to choose our thoughts and emotions. We can choose to focus on the positive and  let go of the negative. When we make the choice to focus on a healthy relationship with money, it will help us to attract that into our lives.


Make the choice to focus on a healthy relationship with money. Believe that you deserve to have a healthy and prosperous relationship with money. And know that Quan Yin is with you, offering her prayers for your success.


Dear Quan Yin,


“Thank you for always being with me and guiding me. I am open to receiving your blessings of love, compassion, and kindness. I am blessed with financial abundance and prosperity. My bank account is always healthy and overflowing. I attract opportunities for financial windfalls easily. I am abundant in every way.


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