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Healing Emotional Wounds​

Today’s Message

Arch Angel Muriel is a powerful angelic presence that is associated with mending emotional wounds and establishing emotional balance and harmony. She is also known as the Angel of Empathy. Those who are experiencing with emotional distress, trauma, or sorrow can benefit greatly from the calm, caring, and healing energy that Muriel exudes.

How Your Archangel Can Help

One of the most significant ways in which Therapy may assist us in the process of emotionally recovering from past traumas is by creating a secure and encouraging environment in which we can talk about and work through our feelings. Working with Muriel, whose energy is characterized by unconditional love and acceptance, can help us feel a profound sense of safety and security as we explore and work through our feelings.

Muriel is able to assist us in being more emotionally intelligent and resilient, in addition to creating a secure environment in which emotional wounds can be healed. We are able to improve our ability to notice and control our feelings, as well as our capacity to respond to trying circumstances with more insight and compassion when she provides us with supportive and compassionate guidance.

The capacity of Muriel’s energy to facilitate reconnection with one’s own “inner child” is another crucial facet of her influence. Working with Muriel allows us to access this latent source of joy, creativity, and intuition that resides within us; our “inner child” is the part of us that is responsible for storing our most profound feelings and aspirations. We can find healing and release from emotional traumas that we may have carried with us for a number of years if we can establish a connection with our inner child.

The energy that is associated with Muriel is also connected to the natural environment and the changing of the seasons. We can make a connection with Muriel’s energy and find healing and rebirth for our emotional scars if we spend time in nature and pay attention to the changes that take place throughout the course of the year.

Working with Muriel’s energy and fostering emotional healing can be accomplished through a variety of straightforward actions that we might do. One of these steps is to establish a daily practice for ourselves, such as meditation, prayer, or journaling, in which we can examine our feelings and establish a connection with the spirit of Muriel. We can also make an effort to maintain a regular connection with nature by doing things like going for walks in the park, spending time in our gardens, or even doing something as simple as looking up at the stars at night.

The cultivation of a sense of thankfulness and appreciation for the people and experiences that are present in our lives is another activity that can be useful. We can increase our emotional resilience and find healing for our emotional scars if we direct our attention to the positive aspects of our lives and if we express gratitude for the love and support that we get from others.

Ways to Call Upon Your Archangel

There are many other methods in which we might engage with Arch Angel Muriel to promote our emotional healing and creativity, in addition to the activities that were stated previously.

One of these methods is known as color therapy, and it can be incorporated into our everyday life. The vitality that exudes from Muriel is represented by the color green, which stands for vitality, rejuvenation, and equilibrium. We can connect with Muriel’s energy and find healing for our emotional scars if we immerse ourselves in the color green and make it a part of our daily lives, whether that be through the use of green crystals, the wearing of green clothing, or simply spending time in nature.

Participating in creative activities, such as painting, writing, or dancing, is another helpful activity that should be adopted. We are able to connect with the energy of Muriel and find a sense of release and rebirth for our feelings by engaging in creative expression. By giving vent to our feelings through the medium of art, we can come to a deeper comprehension of our inner selves and find healing for the hurts and scars left by previous experiences.

The energy that is associated with Muriel is also strongly connected to the heart chakra, which is the energy center that can be found in the middle of the chest. We are able to activate and maintain the balance of our heart chakra and establish a deeper and more meaningful connection with Muriel’s energy if we regularly engage in meditation that is focused on the heart. We can discover healing for our emotional wounds and increase our capacity for compassion, forgiveness, and empathy for ourselves and others via the practice of meditation that is focused on the heart.

Working with Arch Angel Muriel is a path of self-discovery and healing that demands patience, commitment, and dedication in order to be successful. It is crucial to keep this in mind when working with her. We are able to experience deep change and rejuvenation in our emotional life if we continue to keep ourselves receptive to her energy and guidance and if we put our faith in the process of emotional healing.

Today’s Prayer

Thank you for your supportive energy, which has helped me to heal my emotional wounds, as well as your gentle and loving spirit. I am grateful to the Arch Angel Muriel. Help me to become more emotionally intelligent and resilient by providing me with a setting that is both secure and supportive where I may investigate and work through my feelings, and also assist me in developing higher emotional intelligence. Please assist me in establishing a connection with my “inner child” and in discovering the healing and release I need from emotional traumas that may have been carried for a number of years. Please show me how to make a connection with the natural world so that I can find regeneration and healing for the emotional scars I’ve suffered. Finally, I would like your assistance in developing a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the people and experiences that have been a part of my life. This will allow me to find the strength and healing I need when confronted with difficult feelings. I want to express my gratitude for the love and support you’ve shown me, as well as for the role you’ve played in bringing greater emotional harmony and balance into my life. Amen.

We can find healing and release from our emotional traumas, as well as build greater emotional intelligence and resilience, if we engage with the Arch Angel Muriel and remain connected to her energy. We are able to establish a connection with our own inner child, draw upon our own creativity and intuition, and discover both rejuvenation and healing in the natural world with her direction and assistance. We may increase our emotional resilience and find better peace and harmony in our lives if we make it a regular practice to express appreciation, pray, and reflect on the good things in our life.

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