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Protecting Against Negative Energies​

Today’s Message

Archangel Muriel is well-known for her capacity to shield her followers from all types of harmful energies, including those that come in the form of unpleasant ideas and feelings, as well as those that come from other people and their settings. Those who are sensitive to these energies or who work in circumstances that are tough or stressful frequently seek her out to provide protection for them. She does not disappoint.

How Your Archangel Can Help

You can work with the Archangel Muriel to defend yourself from harmful energy by calling upon her in prayer or meditation. This will allow you to work with her. You may even build an altar or designate a sacred spot as a shrine to her, in which you would place crystals or other objects renowned for their calming or healing qualities.

Archangel Muriel can assist you in clearing and purifying your energy field, thereby removing any negative or stagnant energies that may be affecting your physical, emotional, or spiritual welfare. This can be accomplished in addition to providing you with protection. This can make it easier to bring equilibrium and harmony back into your life.

Also, Archangel Muriel can assist you in developing your intuition and inner knowledge, which will allow you to better discern and steer clear of situations and energies that are harmful to you. You can improve the decisions you make and keep yourself from getting involved in problematic circumstances if you learn to tune into your intuition.

Ways to Call Upon Your Archangel

There are various ways to interact with Archangel Muriel for protection from negative energy, in addition to prayer and visualization, which are two of the more common techniques. Working with crystals and other tools that are known for their defensive powers, such as black tourmaline, smoky quartz, or obsidian, may be something that you find to be of use to you in this endeavor. These stones can be worn on the body or carried with you to assist absorb bad energy and create a sense of grounding and protection. You can do this by placing the stone on your body or carrying it with you.

Creating a protective ritual or practice that you can incorporate into your regular routine is yet another technique to work with Archangel Muriel for the purpose of gaining protection. Before going into a difficult or stressful scenario, you should take a few moments to center and ground yourself. This may involve doing anything as simple as lighting a candle or incense, chanting a mantra or affirmation, or simply burning a candle or incense.

During times of high stress or struggle, the archangel Muriel can also lend a helping hand by providing emotional support. You might turn to her for solace and direction in the event that you are experiencing feelings of being overpowered or anxious. You can also ask her to assist you with releasing any bad feelings or thinking patterns that may be obstructing your capacity to feel at peace and centered. She will do this for you if she is willing to.

Those who are exceptionally sensitive or empathic may find it particularly beneficial to work with the archangel Muriel to protect themselves from the effects of harmful energy. Some people may discover that they are easily impacted by the moods and energies of others, which can lead to sensations of being overwhelmed or exhausted. It is possible for the archangel Muriel to assist in establishing a sense of boundaries and protection, which enables persons who are highly sensitive to better manage their energy and avoid becoming entangled in the negativity of others.

Today’s Prayer

You can use the following prayer to invoke the assistance of Archangel Muriel in order to defend yourself from harmful spiritual forces:

“Please, Archangel Muriel, encircle me with your loving and protective energy. Thank you. Guard me against negative ideas and feelings, as well as the negative energy that can come from other people and the places in which I find myself. My life has to be brought back into balance and harmony, so please clear and cleanse my energy field. I need your assistance in developing my intuition and inner knowledge so that I may identify and steer clear of circumstances and energies that are harmful to me. I am grateful for the love and support you have shown me. Amen.”

It is essential to keep in mind that although Archangel Muriel can offer protection and support, it is ultimately up to each of us to accept responsibility for our own vitality and wellbeing, even though she can offer these things. This entails engaging in acts of self-care, establishing positive boundaries, and maintaining a conscious awareness of the people and circumstances we let into our life. We are able to more easily traverse the hurdles that life throws to us and keep a sense of equilibrium and harmony in our lives with the assistance of Archangel Muriel.

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