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Childbirth And Child-Rearing​

Today’s Message

It is common knowledge that Archangel Muriel is the angel of empathy, compassion, and the healing of emotional wounds. In addition to this, she is connected to maternity and the process of raising children. Her phone rings off the hook with calls for support and advice from expectant mothers and mothers who have only recently given birth.

Muriel is a nurturing presence who offers assistance and love that is not conditional to those who are in need of it. During pregnancy and the delivery process, she assists mothers-to-be in establishing a connection with their unborn children and encourages them to place their faith in their innate wisdom and instincts. In addition, Muriel is able to assist new moms in overcoming the difficulties associated with parenting, such as postpartum depression and anxiety.

How Your Archangel Can Help

Muriel is a soothing and reassuring presence, easing anxieties and concerns with the loving energy that she exudes. She is able to assist women who are expecting in locating a sense of tranquility and composure amidst the many physical and emotional shifts that occur throughout pregnancy. In addition, she is able to provide comfort during the first few weeks of motherhood and help ease the discomfort associated with giving delivery.

Muriel is able to provide consolation and assistance to those who are battling with infertility or other challenges related to reproduction. She is able to assist couples in conceiving children and offer counseling all the way through the pregnancy process. Those who have suffered the loss of a child or a pregnancy to miscarriage or stillbirth can also find solace and healing in her presence.

The spiritual growth of children is another area in which Muriel can be of assistance. She is able to assist parents in connecting with the energy that is particular to their kid and in supporting their expansion and development. She is also capable of guiding youngsters who are sensitive or empathic, assisting them in understanding their abilities and finding healthy ways to use them.

Muriel is not only a great healer to the women and children she works with, but she is also a tremendous healer to the Earth. She is able to lend a hand in mending the wounds that have been inflicted on the world as a result of human activities, such as pollution and the clearing of forests. Also, she is able to assist people who work in the field of environmental conservation or activism by giving them the courage and motivation they require to carry on with their vitally essential work.

Ways to Call Upon Your Archangel

There are a few different activities that can be done by those who are interested in strengthening their relationship with the archangel Muriel. To begin, it can be beneficial to build an altar or create a sacred space that is dedicated to Muriel. Candles, crystals, sculptures or pictures of angels, and other relics of the divine can all fall into this category. It is possible to connect with Muriel’s energy and receive her direction and assistance by devoting some of one’s time at this location to the practice of meditation or prayer.

Affirmations and mantras are two other methods that can be utilized when working with Muriel. Some examples of this would be, “I trust in Muriel’s abilities to help me through this process,” or “I am open to receiving the love and advice that Muriel has to offer.” By repeating these affirmations, one can help to deepen their connection to Muriel, which in turn will boost the effectiveness of the aid they receive from her.

Archangel Muriel is able to assist in childbirth as well as the raising of children, in addition to the benefits that were stated above. She is well-known for bringing expecting moms solace and reassurance, so alleviating their fears and assisting them in developing a connection with the life that is growing within them. Throughout the process of giving birth, Muriel is able to offer the mother support in the form of strength and endurance, as well as protection for both the mother and the child.

After the baby is born, Muriel is able to support the new parents in connecting with their kid, which helps with the bonding and nurturing process. She is also able to assist parents in navigating the problems that come with the process of parenting children, offering direction and support for anything from restless nights to the challenging adolescent years.

Those who are battling with infertility or adoption can also benefit from Muriel’s assistance, as she can provide them with comfort and guidance as they travel the path toward becoming parents.

Invoking Muriel by uttering her name or imagining her presence is one way to get her help with issues relating to childbearing and parenting. This can be done if you are seeking her support in these areas. You may also try holding a crystal that is related with her energy, such as rose quartz or moonstone, while lighting a candle in her honor.

Spending time outside in the fresh air and connecting with the vitality of the planet and all the organisms that call it home can also be therapeutic. Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to strengthen one’s connection to Muriel’s energy and to receive her advice and assistance. This is because Muriel has a strong connection to the natural world.

Today’s Prayer

This is a prayer that you can recite to connect with Archangel Muriel so that she can provide you with advice and assistance as you give birth to and raise your children:

Dear Archangel Muriel,

I am approaching the point in my life where I want to become a parent, and I need your help. I would want to ask for your help and direction whether it be because I am expecting a kid, because I am trying to adopt a child, or simply because I am seeking advice on how to raise my children.

Please assist me in establishing a connection with the life that is developing inside of me or the child that I am caring for. I pray that you will give me the power, stamina, and protection that I need to face the hardships that come with giving birth to and raising children.

Help me fulfill my responsibilities as a parent by pointing me in the right direction and showing me how to provide the very best care for my child. Give me the understanding and wisdom I need to make the choices that are best for my child so that they can have a healthy and happy life.

Archangel Muriel, I am grateful for your supportive presence and your loving energy. I put my faith in the direction that you provide and I am aware that you are never far from me.


In conclusion, Archangel Muriel is a powerful friend for anybody wishing to restore the Earth as well as expecting moms, children, and everyone else who wants to help them. At times of transition and change, her kind and nurturing energy can bring comfort and support, and her connection to the natural world can assist to inspire and guide individuals who are looking to have a beneficial impact on the globe.

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